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High Reliability Training was formed because of a lack of quality online and video based curriculum in the areas of Human Performance and High Reliability Operations.  HOPE Consulting LLC, an industry leader in HU and HRO onsite consulting partnered with Safety Instruct, an industry leader in safety based video production and software development.

The joint offering is a company with over sixty years of combined experience in the areas of human performance, safety, consulting, production and software based development.  The creation of this “bridge” between technology, video and real world situations has given High Reliability Training the experience it needs to create the most comprehensive and effective online training curriculum currently available.

Rey Gonzalez – Chief Executive Officer

Rey Gonzalez has spent the majority of his professional life working to improve efficiency and profitability through the enhancement of human performance.

He has done so with a keen focus on improving coaching and mentoring as well as helping workers understand how to use the Human Performance Tools in a manner to most effectively minimize their potential for making mistakes on the job, as well as in helping supervisors and managers become excellent coaches and role models of desired behaviors.

Although exposed to Human Performance tools and techniques as an Operator in the late 1980’s, Rey has been engaged in the study of human behavior and organizational effectiveness for the past 24 years, with specific focus on the impact that processes, programs and management engagement have upon the individual worker.

Rey is a power plant professional with 39 years of diversified technical and organizational experience in the areas of operations, training, quality assurance, work management and performance improvement, including the Corrective Action Program, Self-Assessment, Operating Experience and Human Performance.

Rey has a broad technical understanding of organizational processes, programs, and procedures as well as of analytical problem solving, leadership-management effectiveness, and procedure development. He specializes in Human Performance improvement while enhancing Organizational Excellence.

Of particular note are Rey’s contributions in his development of Trigger Training™ and Coaching to Enhance Performance®, an approach to coaching that has received tremendous results (and rave reviews for its effectiveness) within the US commercial nuclear industry.

Specialties: Human Error Reduction
Organizational Effectiveness
Performance Improvement
Human Performance
Executive Coaching
Peer-to-Peer Coaching
Coaching/mentoring at all levels of the organization
Using a facilitative approach to gain collaboration and cooperation
Development of performance improvement action plans

Ron Farris – Chief Operations Officer

Professional Experience

2016-Present: HOPE Consulting LLC, Business Partner / Consultant

2020-Present: High Reliability Training LLC, Business Partner / Chief Operations Officer

Ron is an experienced practitioner in Human & Organizational Performance (H&OP)  and High Reliability Organization (HRO) that  provides support for a variety of high-risk industries that includes: analysis of operational data to help front-line workers, line managers, and leaders of high-risk operations protect their assets using proven risk management methods, and error-prevention and mitigation strategies. Ron also develops and delivers:

  • Customized H & OP and HRO workshops, webinars, and classroom training
  • Video-based H & OP and HRO training
  • Observant and feedback training and mentoring
  • Leadership development, training and mentoring
  • Asset protection and risk management stratagies
  • Accident / Incident investigation training and mentoring
  • Keynote speeches

2008-2016    Idaho National Laboratory R&D Human Performance Lead and Research Scientist

2006-2008    University of Idaho Adjunct Professor

2005-2008   Manager for the Idaho National Laboratory Center for Human Performance

2004-2005   Argonne National Laboratory West – Industrial Safety Engineer

1990-2004    Argonne National Laboratory West: Senior Reactor Operator

1981-1989   United States Navy, Nuclear Operator and Trainer

Education & Certifications

  • MS in Industrial Technology (Industrial Safety), University of Idaho, 2006
  • BS in Industrial Technology (Waste Management), University of Idaho, 2003
  • Certificates in Human Performance and Emergency Management and Planning, University of Idaho, 2006
  • US Navy Nuclear Power Propulsion School, 1982

Honors & Awards

  • Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) 2014 Top Industry Practice (TIP) Process Award
  • Outstanding College of Education Senior Award – University of Idaho
  • Outstanding Contribution Awards – Idaho National Laboratory
  • Impact of the Year award – Argonne National Laboratory West

Publications & Technical Documents

While working as a Human Factors Research Scientist at Idaho National Laboratory Ron published numerous research papers on the following subjects: Commercial nuclear power plant Outage improvement, Advanced Small Modular Reactor operational concepts and functional allocation, and use of modern technologies (mobile technologies and software) to improve human performance and error reduction in commercial nuclear power plants.

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  10. Farris, R.K. (2012). Human Performance Improvement for Field Workers – Automated Work Packages. (INL/MIS-12-26863). Idaho Falls, Idaho National Laboratory.

Daniel Wilder – Chief Technical Officer

Daniel Wilder graduated from Maryville College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. He has been actively involved in Health and Safety employee training since 2005. Over the past fifteen years, he has been a part of every stage of the safety and resource training process, with an extensive background as a consultant in a variety of industries with hundreds of clients. Daniel has managed multiple teams in numerous environments, as well as personally designing and developing software platforms, media, and marketing. In late 2015, Daniel founded Safety Instruct, a company focused on bridging video, technology and company issues into training and culture. The diversity of experience has afforded Daniel the understanding and importance of uniquely providing products and services to fit the needs of the evolving training landscape.

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