Closing the Risk Perception Gap – Precision Execution™ Training

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  • Task Demands
  • Work Environment
  • Individual Capabilities
  • Human Nature

One of the most important factors we will address in this course is inaccurate risk perception. Many studies have shown how an individual’s risk perception is one of the main forces behind their decision-making. Take and moment and think about any unintended event you experienced and ask yourself, “Was my risk perception accurate, or was the actual risk much higher than I thought?”

If an operation has the capacity to do work, then it has the capacity to do harm. Work is energy directed by human beings to create value. Therefore, work involves the use of force under conditions of uncertainty—that is, risk.

Risk is also illustrated by this formula: Risk = Probability X Consequence

Risk Perception: A person’s belief that a hazard will cause harm. In other words, it is their own understanding of that hazard, or source of energy, and the probability that it will cause an an undesirable event such as personal harm or harm to an asset.

Inaccurate Risk Perception Drivers:

  • Lack of Uneasiness
  • Inadequate Fundamental Knowledge
  • Lack of Events
  • Task Frequency without Consequence

Note: Inaccurate risk perception impact on error rate. Increase error rate by factor of four.

With our Closing The Risk Perception Gap – a Precision Execution™ Training course, we will provide you with the enhanced abilities in the following areas:

  • Risk Perception
  • Asset Protection Evaluation
  • Error Prevention Opportunities

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