The Risk Important Actions – Precision Execution™ Training

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A simplified risk management approach is provided to support a systematic approach to managing risk.

This course provides an understanding of touchpoints and it’s relationship to risk and work.

This course provides an understanding of both Critical Steps and Risks Important Actions and their relationship to managing risk.

Critical Step: a human action that will trigger an immediate, irreversible, intolerable harm to an asset or to an environment, if that action, or preceding action is improperly performed.

Risk Important Actions (RIAs): are procedural steps or actions that precede Critical Steps. It is important to understand that RIAs are binary in nature.

This course provides an understanding of undetected hazards, Landmines. Landmines are hazardous conditions in the workplace that are poised to trigger harm and increase the potential for uncontrolled release of energy, uncontrolled movement of mass, or unwanted transmission of information.

If an employee is functioning at a ninety-nine percent reliability rate, what are the chances of them getting any one of a hundred steps in a procedure correct? In other words, how well will they function without error? If we are only looking at one step, the simple answer is 99% of the time for that one step or any other single step.

What are the chances of getting all 100 steps correct? Now we are considering probability and the probability of chance, which we would consider to be about 37 percent chance of getting all one hundred correct. That is essentially a one in three chance of getting all 100 steps correct.

So what percentage is acceptable for a critical step? The most obvious response is 100%, but more importantly, why is that? There are really two big reasons, Critical Steps are irreversible and irrecoverable. Failure of a Critical Step will result in harm to the environment and or your assets, people, equipment, facilities, products, and or reputation. The result of not having a 100% acceptance rate, is a loss of control and an event occurring.

With our The Risk Important Actions – Precision Execution™ Training course, we will provide you with the enhance abilities in the following areas:

  • Define a Simple Risk Management Approach
  • Identify Touchpoints in a work process
  • Describe Critical Steps
  • Describe Risk Important Actions (RIAs)

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