Managing Risk With Defensive-In-Depth – Precision Execution™ Training

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Controls: These exist before the event and they direct or influence the human behavior in your workplace

Barriers: These exist during the event to protect the assets from harm

Safeguards: These are part of the post even mitigation strategy to keep the event from propagating or causing further harm

Harm and damage to an asset are a function of failed defenses in some form or fashion.

To help you understand the various elements of the CBS Strategy, we will break it down and compare the similarities and differences with each element. This will help you see the importance of each element and how best to utilize it in managing risk.

Controls if used and followed will typically help moderate the frequency events. The frequency is driven down by reducing the occurrences of human error at critical junctures in the process of work.

Event severity is driven down by using inherently safer sources of energy and substances to do work and/or by reducing the consequences of harm if control is lost by having robust well-maintained Barriers and Safeguards.

To have a robust defense-in-depth process it is imperative that your organization put into place risk management strategies that include the CBS Strategy presented in this course. To do this please consider the following questions that should help you in the future to achieve the goal of High Reliability.

With our Managing Risk With Defensive-In-Depth  – Precision Execution™ Training course, we will provide you with the enhanced abilities in the following areas:

  • Explaining the Defense-In-Depth Model known as Controls, Barriers, and Safeguards (CBS) Strategy
  • Given a common everyday life scenario and work scenario, while utilizing the CBS strategy to protect assets
  • Compare CBS Strategy to organization systems and processes to improve risk management and obtain Precision Execution™

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