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Questioning Attitude can best be described by the actions of individuals that avoid complacency and continuously challenge existing conditions and validation activities used to identify discrepancies that might result in error or inappropriate action. It is a human behavior that is automatic. During conscious hours, it cannot be shut off.

As soon as you wake up, you are asking yourself questions.

  • What time is it?
  • Can I hit the snooze button?
  • When do I have to get up?
  • Is it a workday?

Rationalization and Simple Collaboration are killers of a Questioning Attitude. Rationalization is when we attempt to justify why it is okay to move forward with the task without solid logical reasons.

Questions must be validated or verified with a reliable, independent, qualified source. A good questioning attitude never assumes or rationalizes anything.

There are several reasons for verbalizing your questioning attitude, one is to potentially get others involved in recognizing there is a question from those who are nearby, within close enough of a proximity to hear you. Another reason to verbalize is because we internalize things better when we say things out loud. The science behind it shows that our brain thinks it is hearing it for the first time so, because of this, it gets analyzed and scrutinized more effectively.

Also, research into how we think shows us that our brains process in three different ways. First, when we think of the question. Second, when we say the question. And third, when we hear the question. This gives us three chances to respond to the question better.

Keep this in mind, when your QUESTIONING ATTITUDE fires off, meaning that you have questions about what you are seeing or what you are doing. This is your intuition telling you, you are in uncertainty space and it is time to STOP and seek assistance. Recall that your intuition is extremely accurate and stopping work is the best course to prevent undesirable events. In upcoming modules, we will look at who you need to collaborate with for answers to your questions.

Intuition is a combination of experience and expertise. Your brain is extremely powerful. It continuously processes millions of data from your senses. Most of it is in your subconscious. You are not fully aware of it.

When you “get that feeling” something is not right, it probably is not right. That is your intuition using subconscious information to get your conscious mind’s attention.

Your intuition and your Questioning Attitude are tied very closely. Your Questioning Attitude is the way that your intuition verbalizes the question.

Your intuition is very accurate. You must listen to your intuition and Questioning Attitude so you can stop and get the right help to prevent undesirable events.

With our Questioning Attitude – A Trigger™ Training course, we will provide you with the enhanced abilities in the following areas:

  • Introduction to Questioning Attitude | What You Will Learn | Questioning Attitude Described & Defined
  • Intuition & Questioning Attitude
  • Intuition Recap, Verbalization, & Summary
  • Case Study
  • What You Can Do Tomorrow

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