Reinforcement & Interventions Standalone Course

Coaching to Enhance Performance® Training

This training is an excerpt from our Coaching to Enhance Performance® Training. Please scroll to review how this training can be helpful for you and your company.

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Describes how workforce buy-in can be developed through the proper use of positive and negative reinforcement.

Explains how generating workforce discretionary effort has advantages over simple compliance.

Explains the importance of immediate intervention to prevent harm from wrong or risky behavior. And, that it is human nature to avoid conflict.

Describes the possible reactions to intervention and how to deal with them.

Explains the steps to de-escalate an angry reaction to an intervention.

With our Reinforcement & Interventions standalone course, we will provide you with the enhanced abilities in the following areas:

  • Buy-In, Positive & Negative Reinforcement
  • Compliance or Discretionary Effort
  • Interventions
  • Possible Reactions to Interventions
  • Handling an Angry Reaction
  • What You Can Do Tomorrow

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