So Why Coach? Standalone Course

Coaching to Enhance Performance® Training

This training is an excerpt from our Coaching to Enhance Performance® Training. Please scroll to review how this training can be helpful for you and your company.

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Introduction to how coaching, and CTEP®, can influence workers, behaviors, and outcomes.

Describes the effects of Drift and Accumulation on the workers and workplace. Also, how observation and feedback can influence both in a positive direction.

Describes the basis for and the use of conditioning as a tool to influence workers during the observation and feedback process.

Describes the effective communication needed during observation and feedback sessions.

With our So Why Coach? standalone course, we will provide you with the enhanced abilities in the following areas:

  • Why Coach?
  • Addressing Drift & Accumulation
  • Coaching, Culture, & Conditioning
  • Coaching & Communications
  • What You Can Do Tomorrow

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