Coaching to Enhance Performance® – Refresher

This training is refresher course for those students that have previously taken our full Coaching to Enhance Performance® Training course. Please scroll to review how this training can be helpful for you and your company.

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Introduces the elements of an observation. Explains planned or scheduled observations and paired observations.

Explains the minimum length for an effective observation, developing a strong list of positive behaviors. How to capture your documentation. Describes positioning do’s and don’ts during an observation.

Briefly introduces the CTEP® 8-Step Debriefing Process through its associated four categories.

  • Phase #1 – Positive Reinforcement
  • Phase #2 – Continuous Improvement
  • Phase #3 – Correcting Behavior
  • Phase #4 – Summary & Agreement

This is a refresher training for the concepts and areas defined in the original Coaching to Enhance Performance® Training Course. Our Coaching to Enhance Performance® course is a proactive observation and coaching process designed to develop an engaged thinking workforce through a collaborative learning environment. The importance of observation and coaching processes cannot be overstated. In HRT’s experience, there have been many incidents prevented and lessons learned that came from an effective observation and coaching session.

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